We’re Celebrating One Year of The Greatest Off-Road Adventure

We’re Celebrating One Year of The Greatest Off-Road Adventure

Ever wondered what you and your mates could achieve by taking your skills to the next level at our off-road adventure centre, mastering the terrain through 1,500 acres of stunning forest on a Pan America™? If not, it’s time to find out for yourself at the H-D Adventure Centre.

Off-Road Adventure Thrills

Take any bike off-road and traverse through trails. Sure, it’ll be one epic ride. But when you experience the Pan America™, tackling unexpected obstacles and pushing the limits, you simply cannot compare the feeling.

An off-road adventure on a Pan America™ means you can take things slow and enjoy the experience at a leisurely pace or push boundaries and feel the thrill of challenging yourself every step of the way. The Pan America™ is a winner for all types of riders. Oh, and you get the opportunity to take it on the road too. Best of both worlds!

Appreciating Nature

H-D Adventure Centre gives you the opportunity to take some time out for yourself and reconnect with natural spaces. Spread across 1,500 acres of forest, it’s easy to appreciate the beauty of the world and the opportunities this landscape brings our off-road adventure riders. This is the place to reset your mind and put pure energy and focus into your ride.

Escape with Mates

With small groups of four and the focus on one-to-one tuition, refining your riding skills has never been more fun. Come and see why we’re celebrating one year of H-D Adventure Centre – and of course – experience the Pan America™.

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